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      UN: Grain Shortage1 Could Affect Much of Africa

      A leader of the United Nations Food and Agriculture program (FAO) said an already existing food crisis2 in Africa is getting worse.

      Abebe Haile-Gabriel is assistant director of the program. He said the war in Ukraine is to blame.

      "We have a very grim3 outlook going forward," he said of the food supplies in some African countries. He noted4 that about half of the continent's 54 countries depend on Russia and Ukraine for wheat. And over 11 of the countries import fertilizer from Russia.

      Even before the war in Eastern Europe started in February, food prices in Africa were rising. The FAO said the cost of food staples6 rose 23 percent last year. That is faster than any year of the last 10.

      Many African nations depend on supplies from the World Food Program. Tomson Phiri of the WFP said the costs for the program are rising as more people need aid.

      The cost of grain in North Africa is increasing because those nations import a lot from Ukraine and Russia. In other parts of Africa, people can no longer easily buy cooking oils made from soy, corn and sunflower seeds.

      For Edwin Dapi of Zimbabwe, it is getting hard to feed his wife and four children.

      Dapi looked for vegetable oil at a food store in Harare. The 2-liter bottle costs about $2.76. His job pays him about $50 per month.

      A 2-kilogram bag of flour costs more than $1, Reuters reported.

      As he looked at the prices, Dapi said "I keep hearing it's because of Ukraine but I don't know what that has to do with us."

      Existing food crisis

      Africa already has a food shortage, experts say, because of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, military conflicts and bad growing conditions because of climate change.

      Zimbabwe is one of the African nations having trouble feeding its people, along with East African countries Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia and South Sudan. In West Africa, military conflicts in Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger and Nigeria have created a food crisis. The western nations are also dealing7 with floods and droughts.

      For a short time, Kenya felt safe from rising prices because it made food deals with several countries last year. Kenya made the change when Russia increased export taxes. Kennedy Nyaga of Kenya's United Grain Miller8's Association said Kenya should have enough wheat to last until September. But it already ran out of maize9, also called corn.

      The association is asking the Kenyan government for permission to import 360,000 tons of maize without paying import taxes, or duty. The group said the price of maize went up about 60 percent since December.

      Zimbabwe up close

      A closer look at Zimbabwe shows the potential for a long-term food crisis, as it is not as well prepared as Kenya. Food production has gone down over the last 20 years due to changes in farm ownership, economic problems such as inflation10 and drought.

      The people there are already poor, as the country's National Statistics11 Agency says about half of its 15 million survive on less than $2 per day. They are struggling even more since March when the country's grain millers12 raised prices for wheat flour and maize by 15 percent, noting increased food prices because of the war in Ukraine.

      The FAO said Zimbabwe receives about 20 percent of its wheat supply from Russia and Ukraine.

      While the government says there is enough maize and wheat for this year, the miller's association approved another price increase in April. The group said it is looking for more grain so there can be enough until the harvest in October.

      The increase in grain and fuel prices is being passed on to regular people in Zimbabwe who see it as inflation.

      During the growing season, Zimbabwe's farmers depend on fertilizer for a healthy crop. But the price of fertilizer is about 30 percent higher than last year.

      The World Food Program's Maria Gallar Sanchez said if fertilizer costs remain high it will reduce production in Zimbabwe this year.

      A company that sells fertilizer throughout Africa said its costs have increased between 200 and 400 percent since January 2021.

      Boniface Mutize is a farmer near Harare. He said many farmers are trying to make their own fertilizer using animal waste. But it does not work as well as chemical fertilizers.

      He said many small farms will not be able to grow their own food next year.

      Words in This Story

      grim – adj. causing feelings of sadness or worry

      staple5 –n. an important food that is eaten widely

      drought – n. extremely dry conditions affecting an area

      miller – n. a person or company that makes flour from grain


      1 shortage 1yrwh     
      • The city is suffering a desperate shortage of water.這個城市嚴重缺水。
      • The heart of the problem is a shortage of funds.問題的關鍵是缺乏經費。
      2 crisis pzJxT     
      • He had proved that he could be relied on in a crisis.他已表明,在緊要關頭他是可以信賴的。
      • The topic today centers about the crisis in the Middle East.今天課題的中心是中東危機。
      3 grim dfcxR     
      • I've had a grim day.我過了不愉快的一天。
      • His expression was grim when he told them they had lost their jobs.當他告訴他們說他們已被解雇時,他的表情十分冷酷。
      4 noted 5n4zXc     
      • The local hotel is noted for its good table.當地的那家酒店以餐食精美而著稱。
      • Jim is noted for arriving late for work.吉姆上班遲到出了名。
      5 staple fGkze     
      • Tea is the staple crop here.本地產品以茶葉為大宗。
      • Potatoes are the staple of their diet.土豆是他們的主要食品。
      6 staples a4d18fc84a927940d1294e253001ce3d     
      n.(某國的)主要產品( staple的名詞復數 );釘書釘;U 形釘;主要部份v.用釘書釘釘住( staple的第三人稱單數 )
      • The anvil onto which the staples are pressed was not assemble correctly. 訂書機上的鐵砧安裝錯位。 來自辭典例句
      • I'm trying to make an analysis of the staples of his talk. 我在試行分析他的談話的要旨。 來自辭典例句
      7 dealing NvjzWP     
      • This store has an excellent reputation for fair dealing.該商店因買賣公道而享有極高的聲譽。
      • His fair dealing earned our confidence.他的誠實的行為獲得我們的信任。
      8 miller ZD6xf     
      • Every miller draws water to his own mill.磨坊主都往自己磨里注水。
      • The skilful miller killed millions of lions with his ski.技術嫻熟的磨坊主用雪橇殺死了上百萬頭獅子。
      9 maize q2Wyb     
      • There's a field planted with maize behind the house.房子后面有一塊玉米地。
      • We can grow sorghum or maize on this plot.這塊地可以種高粱或玉米。
      10 inflation 4bqz8     
      • Gold prices are often seen as an indicator of inflation.黃金價格常常被看作是通貨膨脹的指標。
      • The inflation of the airbed took several minutes.給空氣床墊充氣花了幾分鐘時間。
      11 statistics iGyzb     
      • We have statistics for the last year.我們有去年的統計資料。
      • Statistics is taught in many colleges.許多大學都教授統計學。
      12 millers 81283c4e711ca1f9dd560e85cd42fc98     
      n.(尤指面粉廠的)廠主( miller的名詞復數 );磨房主;碾磨工;銑工
      • Millers and bakers sought low grain prices. 磨粉廠主和面包師尋求低廉的谷物價格。 來自辭典例句
      • He told me he already been acquainted with the Millers. 他跟我說他同米勒一家已經很熟。 來自互聯網
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